About Kranium Stylez Barbershop

Kranium Stylez Barbershop is your neighborhood barbershop founded by Osiris "Barberette" Pastor with the goal of fulfilling a family legacy, and to pay homage to her late Tío Chuy. Osiris was raised to believe anything is possible, and that with hard work, dedication and a lot of style, every dream is achievable. Profoundly impacted by Tío Chuy's impact on his community and his desire to give back, Osiris found her calling and passion and became one of the Santa Clarita Valley's most sought-after barbers. To date, she has worked with some of the best and prides herself on carrying on her Tío's legacy through the mentoring and work she does within her barber shop and the City of Santa Clarita.

Kranium Stylez Barbershop is located in the heart of Santa Clarita and offers men's grooming services that range the widest variety of any shop in town! Whether you're in need of a haircut, a beard trim or a shave, you can count on the team here at Kranium to deliver on the best in class, no matter the style, hair type or age!

If you'd like to view some of our work don't forget to stop by our Instagram and give us a follow, and of course, if you're in need of some serious pampering, ask about our King's Package!

Osiris Barberette Pastor

Osiris Barberette Pastor

I am the owner of Kranium Stylez Barbershop.

I was born on December 26, 1986 in the beautiful city of Oaxaca, Mexico and raised in the great city of Los Angeles, CA.

I became a barber thanks to my loving uncle Jesus. He began training me at the young age of 14 and I dedicate every haircut and my on going success to my dear uncle, Jesus Cruz.

Being a woman, a barber and a business owner has been a great challenge that I take as the greatest experience of my life. I love my craft and I am grateful for my skill.

Osiris Barberette Pastor

Omar Arevalo

Omar Arrevalo was born on July 5th, 1984 in Santa Barbara. He started barbering by attending barber school in 2011 but he started off by cutting his own hair because most barbers couldn't get it into the style he liked. He has been enjoying the barber lifestyle ever since. The most enjoyable part of barbering for him is that it is a form of art that takes perfection and the many perks of working in a barbershop.

His hobbies include creating different forms of art, hiking, cooking Mexican food and trying new recipes.

Jorge Mendez

Jorge Mendez

Jorge "Jr" Mendez was born on July 7th, 1988. He was born and raised in Los Angeles but moved to Santa Clarita when he was 16 years old. In Santa Clarita, he started cutting hair and practicing different designs on his friend's hair. This practice eventually became a passion for him. To him, the best part about barbering is the feeling of satisfaction that a person has once it's over. To him, the feeling of uplifting a person's self-esteem and making people feel good about themselves is what makes the whole job worth it.

While he isn't barbering, you can mostly find Jr riding his bike around town for exercise or playing basketball at the local basketball courts. His future plans include continuing to learn different barbering techniques and styles. As barbering is an art, it will continue to change with age and being ahead is always a top priority!

Osiris Barberette Pastor

Jonathan Benjamin Matta

Jonathan "Matta" was born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley. As the youngest in the shop, he first discovered his talent by cutting his friends hair in his backyard to make extra money for himself and his family. Cutting hair may be a hobby for some, but for Matta it became a way to help escape being underprivileged. This way of making money became an obsession for him and perfecting his craft meant that he could expand into more clientele. His favorite thing about barbering is the feeling that it gives others when it comes to their self-esteem. He feels that you can completely change the way that a person feels about themselves and the confidence they have just by simply performing a haircut for someone.

His future plans include continuing in barbering and eventually opening his own shop selling his own products.

Osiris Barberette Pastor

Erik Arrevalo

Erik Arrevalo was born on January 19, 1991 in Santa Barbara. His barbering journey began in high school when he bought a machine to cut his own hair. Eventually he also began to cut his friends and neighbors hair in his garage. What he likes the most about barbering is the experiences and the stories that clients share with him. It reminds him of the old barber shop lifestyle where barbers served as both barbers and wise counselors.

His hobbies include observing art, listening to music, painting and meditation. In the future, he plans on opening his own barbershop that spreads into a chain of shops.